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Tilter fuarda

Alphan Manas'ın  önderliğinde 
Fransa'dan satın alınan
 (Brightwell Holdings, B Bplas & Orhan Holding) SynergEthic firmasının 2 Mart 2011 tarihinde Cenevre Otomobil fuarında sergileyeceği Tilter Elektrikli Otomobil.
Tilter ilk kez  Dünyaya tanıtılacak...

''Developed by SynergEthic SA, a young start-up company based out of the Paris area, the Tilter is a narrow urban electric vehicle with “zero carbon emissions” fully enclosed.
The vehicle has been designed and marketed to target residents and commuters living in urban areas who have concern for respecting our environment. The electric vehicle satisfies the needs of those who want to drive with all the comforts and security of a car, but would like to travel in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

Its main features are:
*Length 2,53 meters, width 0,90 meter, height 1,65 meters.
*Two power rear wheels, one directional front wheel.
*Two-seats “in a line” (front and back).
*Range (1) of 120km (75 miles), maximal speed of 110km/h (68 miles).
*Exclusive patented tilting system.

Its commercialization into the European major cities will begin in 2012. The price of the vehicle will be less than 10 000 € (all taxes included), which takes account of the subscription to a vehicle service package that includes the use of batteries.

It is with pleasure that the SynergEthicSA team presents the Tilter to you in further detail at the Geneva Motor Show in the “Pavillon Vert”, Hall 6, Stand n ° 6320.  ''

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